Katelijne Lenaerts


Director, CAPPA

Katelijne has worked as an advisor to governments, the community and private sectors across Africa, Asia and South America. Her experience in project management and technical advisory roles on economic, enterprise and social enterprise initiatives range from those funded by international agencies such as EuropeAid, World Bank, UNDP as well as Australian specific programs within Social Ventures Australia and World Vision, developing and contributing to a number of social innovation projects focusing on employment and economic wellbeing.

Warwick Smith

Research Fellow

Warwick Smith is a Research Fellow working in Per Capita’s Centre for Applied Policy for Positive Ageing (CAPPA) and in our Progressive Economics program.

Warwick has previously worked as a research economist, consultant and freelance writer. He also has a background in evolutionary and conservation biology, having worked on threatened species recovery programs with the ACT and NSW governments. Warwick’s particular areas of expertise and interest include economic policy with respect to ageing populations, environmental economics, taxation economics and the history and philosophy of economics.

Warwick has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the ANU.